The walk of fame
Himalayan walkway
Nine trampolines
The starscape
About the walkway

About the walkway

About the walkway

  • we have worked for 1945 days
  • the highest point above the ground is 15,2 m
  • length of 660 m
  • overall length of all used wooden profiles – 15935 m
  • number of screws, bolts and other joints is around 21 000 pieces
  • length of drilled pilots 1120 m
  • do you know that the skywalk is not visible from space?
  • do you know that a snail would cross the skywalk in two and a half days?
  • Usain Bolt would make it in 37 seconds.
  • A cheetah in 11 seconds
  • And your voice in 1 second


  • Height of the tower is 22 m
  • Length of the walkway inside the tower is 220 m
  • 1099 meters above the sea level
  • Distance from the core of the earth is around 6 371 km :)
  • Distance from the statue of Radegast is 1,5 km, from Ostrava 38 km, from Praděd 99 km, from New York 6 840 km and from Mars 55 mil. km smiley
  • Do you know that we have used almost 2 tons of glue?
  • A cave was found during digging of the foundations
  • 850 meters of pilots have been drilled
  • It would be possible to produce 140 Škoda cars from all the used steel
  • You make around 750 steps before you climb to the top

The starscape

The starscape (or starry sky) is the hearth of the skywalk Valaška

  • you can find here a refreshment stand for replenish fluids and there is a ball ice cream for kids

Nine trampolines

  • 12 meters above the ground
  • The highest placed trampoline playground in the Czech Republic
  • Trampolines were produced abroad as we had not been able to find a company in the Czech Republic which would have been able to supply and install them
  • They are accessible in snow as well, but they are veeeery slippery, and mainly you jump for free smiley

Himalayan walkway

  • Length 150 m
  • Each rope can hold 35 tons
  • Length of all steel wires is 136 km
  • Slackness of the rope with loading is max 50 cm
  • Content of four concrete agitators fitted inside the concrete foot which holds the walkway
  • Yaks carry up to 150 kg of load on similar walkways in Himalayas
  • The rail has been tied by hands for two months
  • The colours on the praying flags on the walkway have these meanings: sky, water, fire, earth and air


  • Distance from Pustevny is 300 m
  • Super elevation from the cable car is 30 m
  • Entrance platform is 6-9 m above the ground
  • Entrance platform can hold up to 500 kg for a square meter
  • Tourniquet was produced in Turkey smiley
  • Average declination of the entrance platform is 6%


  • The longest skywalk without steel handrails in Europe
  • Weight of used glass is 839 kg
  • Overhanging is 7 meters long
  • Glass part is 2500 x 1600 mm large
  • Height above the ground is 30 meters
  • It can hold up to ten persons in ideal case smiley
  • Do you know that it is not allowed to jump on the skywalk? smiley
  • Do you know that if you jump and the glass breaks, you will fall as fast as your mobile phone? smiley
  • Do you know that installation of glass itself took only four hours?

The walk of fame

There are important people born in Moravian-Silesian and Zlín regions

  • sheets made from concrete with prints built right into the floor of the trail
  • foot and handprints
  • new prints are added every year


  • Richard Konkolski (* July 6, 1943, Bohumín) is Czech seafarer and the winner of plenty naval races. He circled the globe alone three times. In 2013, Richard Konkolski was awarded the Medal of Merit for the state in the field of sport.

  • Karel Loprais (* March 4, 1949, Ostrava) is a Czech car racer and six-time winner of the Dakar Rally car races in the truck category. In May 2011, he was appointed Government Commissioner for Road Safety. On October 28, 2017, he received the Czech state award, the Medal of Merit, from Czech President Miloš Zeman.

  • Helena Zeťová (* November 7, 1980, Valašské Meziříčí) is a Czech singer. She started her singing career at the age of fifteen-until 1998 she gave concerts with a rock band. She then performed with an American band in Lanzarote, Spain.

  • Milan Baroš (* October 28, 1981, Vigantice) is a former Czech football striker, from June 2017 to June 2020 a player of FC Baník Ostrava. Outside the Czechia, he worked at the club level in Great Britain (England), France and Turkey. European Under-21 Champion from 2002. Together with Vladimír Šmicer, he became the first Czech winner of the prestigious UEFA Champions League in the Liverpool jersey in 2005. He is known for his straightforward move to the goal and good orientation in the opponent's penalty area.

  • Richard Krajčo (* June 1, 1977, Ostrava) is a Czech theater and film actor, singer, songwriter, and front man of the group named Kryštof. He graduated from the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering with graduation, then studied for three semesters in Ostrava at the University of Mining, Faculty of Informatics. After successful entrance exams in 1996, however, he moved to the music and drama specialization of the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, where he studied acting. At that time, Kryštof played with his band for the third year, where he still works as a singer, guitarist and songwriter.


  • The playground has 3 floors full of fun

  • It is available for kids 4–14 years old

  • The playground includes a climbing wall, a rope ladder and many others climbing frames