Himalayan walkway
Nine trampolines
Hvězdná obloha - již brzy
About the walkway

About the walkway

About the walkway

  • we have worked for 1945 days
  • the highest point above the ground is 15,2 m
  • length of 660 m
  • overall length of all used wooden profiles – 15935 m
  • number of screws, bolts and other joints is around 21 000 pieces
  • length of drilled pilots 1120 m
  • do you know that the skywalk is not visible from space?
  • do you know that a snail would cross the skywalk in two and a half days?
  • Usain Bolt would make it in 37 seconds.
  • A cheetah in 11 seconds
  • And your voice in 1 second


  • Height of the tower is 22 m
  • Length of the walkway inside the tower is 220 m
  • 1099 meters above the sea level
  • Distance from the core of the earth is around 6 371 km :)
  • Distance from the statue of Radegast is 1,5 km, from Ostrava 38 km, from Praděd 99 km, from New York 6 840 km and from Mars 55 mil. km smiley
  • Do you know that we have used almost 2 tons of glue?
  • A cave was found during digging of the foundations
  • 850 meters of pilots have been drilled
  • It would be possible to produce 140 Škoda cars from all the used steel
  • You make around 750 steps before you climb to the top

Nine trampolines

  • 12 meters above the ground
  • The highest placed trampoline playground in the Czech Republic
  • Trampolines were produced abroad as we had not been able to find a company in the Czech Republic which would have been able to supply and install them
  • They are accessible in snow as well, but they are veeeery slippery, and mainly you jump for free smiley

Himalayan walkway

  • Length 150 m
  • Each rope can hold 35 tons
  • Length of all steel wires is 136 km
  • Slackness of the rope with loading is max 50 cm
  • Content of four concrete agitators fitted inside the concrete foot which holds the walkway
  • Yaks carry up to 150 kg of load on similar walkways in Himalayas
  • The rail has been tied by hands for two months
  • The colours on the praying flags on the walkway have these meanings: sky, water, fire, earth and air


  • Distance from Pustevny is 300 m
  • Super elevation from the cable car is 30 m
  • Entrance platform is 6-9 m above the ground
  • Entrance platform can hold up to 500 kg for a square meter
  • Tourniquet was produced in Turkey smiley
  • Average declination of the entrance platform is 6%


  • The longest skywalk without steel handrails in Europe
  • Weight of used glass is 839 kg
  • Overhanging is 7 meters long
  • Glass part is 2500 x 1600 mm large
  • Height above the ground is 30 meters
  • It can hold up to ten persons in ideal case smiley
  • Do you know that it is not allowed to jump on the skywalk? smiley
  • Do you know that if you jump and the glass breaks, you will fall as fast as your mobile phone? smiley
  • Do you know that installation of glass itself took only four hours?