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You can enter the skywalk with a dog only if the dog is on a leash and with a muzzle, or in a bag.

You can pay by card at the cashier. The skywalk is barrier free for buggies and for people on wheelchairs. A forest way leads to the skywalk from Pustevny.

You can find information about the opening hours of the cable here

Access from Ostrava and Poland - direction Trojanovice to the parking place Ráztoka, and then either by cable car, or 2,5 km following the blue trail, or 5 km on Knížecí cesta.

Access from Rožnov, Bečva or Slovakia direction Pustevny to the parking place. Skywalk Valaška is placed circa 400 meters from the parking place Pustevny in the direction from Prostřední Bečva, or 200 meters from the upper station of the cable car Trojanovice Ráztoka-Pustevny following the red trail in the direction towards the Tanečnice peak.

Cahier, i  nfo: +420 605 960 891